Budget Friendly Cruelty Free Haircare at Sainsbury’s

DSC_6435I’m pretty excited to share this post with you guys because Sainsbury’s is on it’s way to becoming my new favourite place to shop for affordable cruelty free products. In the UK Superdrug is top dog within the cruelty free community for selling not only affordable but excellent products as well. But have you browsed the cosmetic aisles in your local Sainsbury’s at all? Well, I’ve started to and I must say I’m getting a bit excited about it all.

This has to be the cheapest shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever bought. They were cheap to begin with but with an offer on top each bottle came to only £2.50. But I’m not solely focused on price. I care about the product and how it performs too. So just to clarify, I bought the Phil Smith Cocolicious shampoo and conditioner which says it’s designed for normal to dehydrated hair types. Firstly, this left my hair smelling so sweet and tropical! Who doesn’t love the scent of coconut? It’s a favourite amongst most! It also washed my hair very well and I didn’t find myself having to use a lot of shampoo or the need to rinse and repeat. But best of all my hair felt soft and hydrated after using this. I honestly found I had better results with this £2.50 bottle of shampoo than I’ve had with a lot of the more expensive products I’ve used previously. So, if you’ve got a Sainsbury’s near you, go and have a browse of their cosmetic aisles next time you’re there and seriously consider trying these products in particular. They won’t hurt your wallet!

*For anyone who isn’t already aware, Phil Smith products are approved by Cruelty Free International.

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2 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Cruelty Free Haircare at Sainsbury’s

  1. Sainsbury’s is an amazing cruelty free source. Their own brand household stuff is BUAV approved. I’m also a big Phil Smith fan. I use the argan oil mousse and it makes my hair so shiny.


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