Spooky Beauty Brands Fit for a Ghoul

There’s only a few days left until Halloween now creeps. This is my absolute favourite time of the year. As a child, I brought myself up on the likes of Charmed and Buffy fascinated by witches and magic. Every October 31st I would dress up as a witch and watch Hocus Pocus on the TV. Halloween is to me what Christmas is to most people. It takes me back to being a kid and the excitement I felt making my way around the neighbours trick or treating as it got dark earlier and October brought that sharp, cold nip to the air. There’s something really magical about October 31st for me. If I could bottle it, I would.

Nostalgia aside, one of the big reasons that I love Halloween so much is because I love playing with makeup and dressing up. Having one night a year where everyone makes an effort to get creative and change how they look is so much fun! Plus, you can be anything or anyone that you want. I wish we could celebrate it more than once a year! When I come across Halloween inspired beauty I can’t help but get excited! As it is the season, I have compiled a list of cruelty free spooky beauty brands to make you scream.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs
Firstly, I am all over this brand and their packaging. At present I own their translucent pressed powder pictured above. Just look at that planchette packaging? How unique and fun is that?! Packaging aside it’s a great performing product too and I would recommend it if you’re in the market for a new setting powder! Their coffin eyeshadow palettes also look fantastic and I hear people rave about their contour book which features shades that are pale skin friendly. They currently have two UK stockists that I am aware of, Cute Cosmetics and Attitude Clothing.

Necromancy Cosmetica
Handcrafted, 100% vegan matte lipsticks made independently in Puerto Rico. I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet. Their lipstick shades are pretty off the wall. If you’re into unusual colours and would like to support an indie brand then this might be the one to check out!

Kat Von D Beauty
I’m sure that by now the majority of you will have heard of Kat Von D’s makeup line! Kat designs all of the product packaging herself which I think has a very gothic appearance to it. I think they are a very creative friendly brand given their vast library of colours which is not really surprising seeing as the founder herself is an artist. Kat Von D beauty is finally available to purchase in the UK from Debenhams. If you haven’t got yourself a Debenhams beauty card make sure you sign up before stocking up on KVD products to earn yourself some points and cash rewards.

Black Moon Cosmetics
Black Moon are a gorgeous indie cosmetics brand from the US. At the moment their line consists purely of liquid lipsticks however soon they will be launching their Cosmic Eyedust which from what I’ve spied online looks stunning! I’ve previously written a post on two of their lipsticks here. I love their liquid lipstick formula and would highly recommend them.

Baby Bat Beauty
Another US based indie brand. Our friends across the pond are spoilt for choice when it comes to cruelty free indie brands! Baby Bat are paraben free, gluten free and the website states that most of their products are vegan. I’ve got my eye on their Gilded Rose Blush and Starlight Highlighter. Aside from the pretty swatches, the powders also have a cute little bat embossed into the product. Who doesn’t love cute little bats?

Rituel de Fille
I get major witchy vibes from this brand founded by three sisters in the US. The products are 99% natural and handcrafted free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrance. Every single product looks beautiful. I am particularly intrigued by their eye soots and forbidden lipsticks! I’ve had my eye on this brand for a few months now and I am thrilled that they are now available from UK retailer Cult Beauty!

There also appears to be quite a number of bath and body products that follow the Halloween theme popping up lately. Though most of them are US based it’s worth me mentioning them because they ship internationally and coffin shaped bath bombs are what I live for.

Witch Baby Soap – Vegan US based

Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop – Vegan US based

The Mad Bombers – US based Etsy shop

The Herbal Cauldron – US based Etsy shop

Hex Bomb –  Vegan Ireland based


If you have any favourite Halloween inspired beauty brands, please share them in the comments as we can never have enough!
Let me know if you’ve tried anything from the brands mentioned.


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