My Go To Beauty Products After The Gym

dsc_6066A few months ago I finally got my ass into gear and joined a gym. To my surprise I actually enjoyed it and have been loving the results not just physically but mentally too. Personally, I am interested in what products people use or what they wear to the gym. If you find this sort of post interesting or helpful please let me know in the comments section so that I know whether to post on the subject again.

Note: I do not wear makeup to the gym so makeup removal is not a part of my gym routine. I try to look after my skin as best as I can and the thought of getting sweaty and clogging my pores with makeup horrifies me. I understand that some people might feel more confident wearing makeup to the gym. Please just know that no one is judging you for how you look at the gym. In my experience we are all there for one reason and that is to better ourselves. Everyone should be focused on themselves and reaching their own fitness goals. If you can stand to go without the makeup I’d highly recommend you do for your skin’s benefit but to each their own on that matter! 

First things first and that’s the shower! It might seem like common sense but I’m sure there are people out there who don’t shower right away. It’s very important to wash right away to avoid your pores clogging from all of that sweating. I like to use the Original Source Mint Shower Gel as the mint leaves me feeling particularly clean and fresh!

After an all over body wash using the Mint Shower Gel I like to go in with my Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Wash. Despite being intended as a face wash, I like to use it on my chest and shoulders. When you’re getting sweaty at the gym it’s these specific areas of the body that tend to break out easily. I find that the charcoal cleanser helps to prevent that and keep my skin clear.


From there I’ll cleanse my face with a gentle, soothing cleanser. At the moment I’m using the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser which has calming rose water in it. I’m really loving rose ingredients in my products at the moment particularly after the gym as they do a great job at soothing and calming the skin. As we are patiently waiting for Glossier to start shipping internationally at present. If you aren’t able to buy this I’d recommend looking for a cleanser with either rose orientated ingredients or ingredients like cucumber and aloe in them.

If I’ve been doing cardio and come out of the gym with a face like a tomato I like to spray my face with the Lush Eau Roma Water. This is another product with rose water in it which helps to calm and reduce redness prepping my skin for the rest of my skincare/makeup routine. This is a lovely toner spray that hydrates and soothes the skin and I’d recommend it regardless of whether you intend to use it after a workout or otherwise.


If I’ve been using weights at the gym my hands more often than not end up red and sore afterwards. I remedy that by using the Lush Dream Cream. With ingredients consisting of rose water (again), cocoa butter and chamomile to name a few this is a really beautiful lotion that my fiancé loves too. It’s very soothing and helps to heal the skin quickly. You can use it all over your body but my favourite use for it is definitely as a hand lotion.

One thing I will say about exercise is that it is a pain when it comes to haircare. All that sweaty business can leave your hair looking greasy. If you work out a few times a week you probably don’t want to wash your hair after every workout as this can be drying. In this situation there is always dry shampoo, a product everyone should own regardless of whether you work out or not. What was life before dry shampoo? How did we cope? I honestly cannot remember how I managed before it. Recently I’ve been using the COLab London dry shampoo which works well and doesn’t leave my hair feeling really gritty and full of product. I have to say that I think I prefer Batiste which is the brand I’ve been using since dry shampoo became a thing. They’re a long standing favourite.

I hope that this post was helpful to some of you!
It’s certainly a bit different to my usual content.
Let me know what your go to gym products are.


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2 thoughts on “My Go To Beauty Products After The Gym

  1. Nice content in this blog. After GYM workout we feel sweaty and face need to be fresh.I think these products should be used after workout . Thanks for sharing your reviews with us.


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