Spooky Beauty Brands Fit for a Ghoul

There’s only a few days left until Halloween now creeps. This is my absolute favourite time of the year. As a child, I brought myself up on the likes of Charmed and Buffy fascinated by witches and magic. Every October 31st I would dress up as a witch and watch Hocus Pocus on the TV. Halloween is to me what Christmas is to most people. It takes me back to being a kid and the excitement I felt making my way around the neighbours trick or treating as it got dark earlier and October brought that sharp, cold nip to the air. There’s something really magical about October 31st for me. If I could bottle it, I would.

Nostalgia aside, one of the big reasons that I love Halloween so much is because I love playing with makeup and dressing up. Having one night a year where everyone makes an effort to get creative and change how they look is so much fun! Plus, you can be anything or anyone that you want. I wish we could celebrate it more than once a year! When I come across Halloween inspired beauty I can’t help but get excited! As it is the season, I have compiled a list of cruelty free spooky beauty brands to make you scream. Continue reading “Spooky Beauty Brands Fit for a Ghoul”


My Go To Beauty Products After The Gym

dsc_6066A few months ago I finally got my ass into gear and joined a gym. To my surprise I actually enjoyed it and have been loving the results not just physically but mentally too. Personally, I am interested in what products people use or what they wear to the gym. If you find this sort of post interesting or helpful please let me know in the comments section so that I know whether to post on the subject again. Continue reading “My Go To Beauty Products After The Gym”