Introducing: Byron Bay Skincare

dsc_6047Byron Bay Skincare is an environmentally friendly, cruelty free and natural Australian skincare brand that has recently launched online in the UK. The products are 100% natural and kind to the skin. If you suffer with sensitivity or are just generally interested in using clean and natural products on your body then you might want to pay attention to this brand! The website states that their products do not contain any of the following:

NO Mineral Oil
NO Silicones
NO Propylene Glycol
NO Fragrance
NO Polycyclic Musks
NO Animal by-products
NO Petrolatum / Paraffin Wax
NO Parabens
NO Ethanolamines
NO Synthetic Dye
NO Phthalates
NO Synthetic Retinol
NO Animal testing
NO Nature identical

They also have a ‘One Bottle One Tree’ programme whereby for every Byron Bay product purchased a tree will be planted. They say that as their products are plant based and they must take from nature to create these products they strongly believe in giving back to nature. Their packaging is completely recyclable down to the very last detail. I mean really, how much better could this brand possibly get?

It’s for these reasons that when I was contacted by a member of their team it really peaked my interest. I also can’t help but get excited when an overseas brand becomes readily available to the UK because it’s something new and interesting to try out!

DSC_6050First up I want to talk about my favourite product of what I’ve used so far, the Hydrating Lotion. It didn’t take me long to like this product. It nourishes my skin to the perfect level leaving it feeling hydrated all day. It sits very well under makeup causing no disruption to the products that I place on top of it. The product spreads well and there seems to be quite a fair amount of product in the bottle too. One pump is more than enough to cover my face and neck so I can see this lasting me well and I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. My skin is a lot more balanced these days and if I had to describe my skin type I’d say it’s normal. The Hydrating Lotion is perfect for me and my skin type. I think it would be great for oilier skins too as it’s not too rich. I did receive a sample of Byron Bay’s Replenishing Cream which is their other moisturiser from the range aimed towards drier skins. If you have very dry skin the Replenishing Cream would probably work better for you as it is much richer than the hydrating lotion.

I’ve also been using the *Body Creme from the range. It feels lightweight on the skin and absorbs very quickly which I greatly appreciate as I don’t have to wait around trying not to stick to things. I can just apply this and get on with whatever I need to! It has a floral scent which I’m personally not the biggest fan of but if you don’t mind that then you might enjoy this one. As with the Hydrating Lotion the product spreads well and one pump can cover an entire arm so I’ve no doubt this bottle will last me well.

I also wanted to mention for those of you who are interested that aside from their lip balm which does contain beeswax the entire range is vegan.

If you are interested in a particular product but would prefer to sample it before purchasing the full size version you can email the company on and they’ll very kindly send you some out. I think that’s incredibly lovely of them.

They’ve also generously provided me with a discount code to share with my readers. You can use the code CCB15 in the checkout to receive 15% off your order total at Byron Bay Skincare UK.

*The lovely people at Byron Bay Skincare UK were kind enough to send me a full size Body Creme along with a bunch of smaller product samples. All thoughts expressed in this post are my own and not for profit.


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