NYX HD Concealer: An Urban Decay Naked Skin Dupe?

DSC_6006I recently purchased the NYX HD concealer after seeing a blog post that compared it to the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. I’ve been using and enjoying the Naked Skin for months so the prospect of a drugstore dupe certainly caught my attention. I had to give it a go!

Spoiler: I was not disappointed!

Folks, this stuff is fantastic and it really is a close dupe for the UD Naked Skin concealer at over half the price. The NYX concealer is slightly thicker than the Urban Decay making this the better option for covering blemishes. However, the thicker consistency does make this concealer drier and I do find it less comfortable to wear under the eyes. I also find that due to the consistency this is more prone to creasing on the under eye area. It doesn’t matter how quickly I set my concealer with powder, the creasing just seems to be unavoidable for me.

I have the shades Porcelain and Fair. I use Porcelain in the areas that I want to brighten in the centre of my face i.e eyes, down the nose, between the brows/forehead etc. Fair is the slightly darker shade which I like to use in the other areas of the face to spot conceal.

This has very quickly become a favourite product and if it weren’t for the issues I’ve had when using it under my eyes I’d probably ditch the Urban Decay concealer all together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform very well in that area for me but for the price and how well it sits on the rest of the face..I can live with that. This is a brilliant and affordable concealer option that I’d highly recommend trying out if you can.


Have you tried either of these products?


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