A Natural Deodorant That Works!

DSC_5863If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have seen me talking about my quest for a natural deodorant that actually works. I’ve been desperate to give up the easily accessible anti perspirant deodorants found in supermarkets and on the high street since learning of the unhealthy ingredients like aluminum that can be found in them. Apparently our bodies can absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin. If you look closely at some of the ingredients in your existing products, this is pretty concerning. Those accessible anti perspirants I just mentioned are particularly guilty of this. So, I picked up a few samples by The Natural Deodorant Company and I’d like to share my thoughts on them with you today!

First up I used the Gentle Deodorant Cream with Coconut and Shea for sensitive skin. I decided to try out a deodorant from their gentle range as it is formulated without bicarbonate which I’ve read can cause sensitivity for some people. The formula of this deodorant is easy to use and it melts into the skin with ease. In terms of scent I find that this smells purely of clay. Bentonite clay is one of the ingredients in this deodorant so I suppose that makes sense! I had hoped that it would smell of coconut as it’s one of my favourite scents but that’s not the end of the world. I have found this deodorant to be wonderfully effective and I really enjoy using it. As the weather has gotten hotter throughout the summer months it hasn’t held up as well at times. If you’re going to be sweating more than usual from sport or hot weather just be aware that this may not be able to keep you as fresh.

Next I gave the Active Deodorant Balm in Orange and Bergamot a whirl. To come back to that last point I made on the gentle cream if you’re going to be exercising or walking around in the blistering sun this will do the job for you. Typically, I don’t wear deodorant to the gym as I just don’t see the point. I shower right away and wash my clothes right after a sweaty session anyway. However, for the purpose of testing this out I have worn it to the gym on a few occasions. It passed the test. After working out and getting my sweat on my underarms still smelt fruity and fresh. If you like citrusy scents you’re going to enjoy this. Personally, I prefer the cream over the balm in terms of texture but in terms of holding up under pressure the active balm definitely wins.

What’s also great is that you can buy small sample pots if like me you don’t want to commit to a £10 tub of deodorant that you’ve never used before. I bought my first teeny sample from Naturismo for £1.50! After that I decided that I wanted to try some of their other scents and formulas and bought the two that you see pictured above for £5.00 each. I had about 2 weeks use out of that tiny £1.50 pot. I’ve now used up the two pictured and had to order a big pot right away (always a good sign when you have to rush to repurchase something!) Those £5.00 sampler pots lasted me months which leads me to think that these are absolutely worth the money. They’re not something you’re going to be using up quickly as a little does go far.

Since making the switch to natural deodorants I’ve noticed that my underarms look a lot healthier which I’m sure sounds strange to those of you reading this. How exactly do underarms look unhealthy? Well, I’ve noticed that they’re a lot less sensitive for one! I don’t get red bumps and irritation there anymore and they’ve actually gotten lighter in colour. Weird right?

If you’re interested in using cleaner and safer products on your body and are thinking about picking up a natural deodorant then I would highly recommend you give these a go. Finding a natural deodorant that works is incredibly tricky and my first experience in dabbling with a natural deodorant was an absolute stinky disaster. I’m thrilled to have found a product that works for me and is safe to use on my body!

I’d love to know if you currently use a natural deodorant, what products you’ve found have worked for you. Let me know!


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