Cruelty Free Brand Updates

cf brand updates
As a cruelty free consumer I am constantly emailing brands to find out about their animal testing status. I decided that it would be more helpful for everyone if I shared the responses I get rather than just adding brands to my cruelty free or avoid list. Below are the responses that I’ve had from brands this week.

Masque Bar
Hi Jordana,
Thank you for your email.  Please note, none of our products are either tested on animals, nor are the ingredients or do we sell to any country that tests on animals.  We here at Look Beauty Products take cruelty to animals very seriously and would never deal with any factory that tests ingredients or products on animals.
Thank you,
Customer Service Team at Look Beauty Products


Time Bomb

Hello Jordana,
Thank you for your email and your interest in Time Bomb!  We really appreciate your questions.

The answer to all 3 questions is NO.

Please contact us again with any other questions or comments.



De Mamiel
Dear Jordana

Thank you for your email and for discovering de Mamiel.
I can confirm that none of our products are tested on animals nor are any of the ingredients.  We do not sell in countries that require animal testing.
Best wishes


Escentric Molecules
Hi Jordana,

Thank you for getting in touch.
Our products are not tested on animals, not sold in Mainland China and our supplier does not test either.
We as a company are against Animal Testing. If you have any further questions, please do hesitate to ask.


Francesca Cherruault

Hello Jordana,

Thank you for contacting COOLA support!

COOLA does not test on animals in any stage including ingredients, third parties, and other countries. We are completely Cruelty Free!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me!


I’m very excited to see that Escentric Molecules are cruelty free as I’ve heard so many positive reviews on their unique fragrances! It’s also great to find COOLA a sun protection brand are cruelty free given that the weather should in theory be warming up soon but this is the UK so I won’t hold my breath.



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6 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Brand Updates

  1. Masque Bar does however use snail secretion filtrate in their products (fifth ingredient of the the Anti-Wrinkle sheet mask). So it is important to check that the products themselves also do not contain animal products. In my opinion. 🙂


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