Animal Testing – The Ugly Side of Beauty

Animal Testing Ugly Side of BeautyI wanted to make this post because I feel that a lot of people who haven’t researched into animal testing and cruelty free products don’t realise just how horrific it actually is. When my blog and the nature of it comes up in conversation in my daily life away from the internet, I notice that some people look at me with an air of confusion that says “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to share any gruesome pictures of animals in labs. I don’t think that it’s necessary for me to do that to get my point across and I think that if you want to see for yourself you have Google at your fingertips to do so.

I personally think that it’s not a case of people being ignorant on purpose. Animal testing just isn’t spoken about enough. This time last year I knew nothing about animal testing and cruelty free products. Companies really need to be a lot more vocal about it, particularly if they are cruelty free. I recently received an email from a company stating that they are cruelty free but that they don’t feel the need to put that out there anywhere because being cruelty free “is just the right thing to do.” I completely disagree with that. I think that if you are a cruelty free company you absolutely should be vocal about it. It’s an important issue and more people need to know about it! Let’s face it, companies that do test on animals aren’t going to openly discuss it but someone needs to. There are few companies that I know of to be truly vocal about animal testing and their fight against it but one that instantly comes to mind is Lush. Before researching into animal testing and going cruelty free it was a sign in Lush’s shop window that planted the seed in my brain and prompted me to research into it. I really do commend them for being so vocal about the issue and I wish more brands would follow suit. Paul Mitchell are another brand that are very vocal about their fight against animal testing. Just this weekend I walked past a salon carrying Paul Mitchell products and was very pleased to see the Paul Mitchell posters plastered across the windows clearly stating “no to animal testing.” Just imagine what could happen if more brands did this.

The truth is it’s not a case of someone smearing some lipstick on a rabbit, it’s far more cruel than that. Tests include chemicals being dropped into the eyes of restrained animals or rubbed onto shaved skin, force-feeding that can last weeks or months to look for signs of illness or health hazards and lethal dose tests where animals are forced to swallow a large amount of chemical to determine which dosage causes death.When the tests are finished the animals are killed without pain relief by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck breaking or decapitation. A variety of animals are used for tests including mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and I’ve even heard of beagles being used for animal testing. Click here to read about 38 beagles that were rescued from a testing lab by The Beagle Freedom Project. The dogs were going to be euthanised after the lab was finished testing on them and this company saved them and re-homed them.

According to Cruelty Free International research suggests that 115 million animals may be tested on worldwide each year. 115 million a year! Remember, these animals are “destroyed” when testing is completed and the lab doesn’t need them anymore. Now read that figure again.

I came across the above image on Pinterest. It appears to be from a campaign by AAVS (American Anti-Vivesection Society.) When I saw this image I felt it summed up the issue perfectly. Not that it should make a difference what type of animal is being tested on but animals like the pets you have at home are subject to horrific tests as I described earlier and then killed. It is the only life those animals will ever know. Just imagine your beloved pets going through that. If that doesn’t put things into perspective for you, I don’t know what will.

It’s pretty freaking disgusting that this is actually happening in 2016 and that’s putting it politely. I find it hard not to get passionate about this and honestly I think that if more people were aware of what’s happening they’d feel passionate about it too. It’s completely black and white for me. These animals are being tortured and killed and for what? A volumising mascara? No animals life is worth a person’s vanity. I sincerely hope that animal testing gets spoken about more, awareness raised and as a result changes made. If you haven’t gone cruelty free, I encourage you to take a look at the products you have in your makeup bag or in your home and see how many products you have that have been tested on animals. There are so many brands out there that are cruelty free there’s no reason not to make the change. I have a big list of them here if you need some help. Buying products from brands that test on animals funds those brands to continue putting animals through pain and suffering we cannot even imagine. If you buy products from brands that don’t test on animals you shop with a clear conscience, hence my blog name. It’s that simple. Give your hard earned money to the good guys and help end unnecessary animal cruelty.


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4 thoughts on “Animal Testing – The Ugly Side of Beauty

  1. Jordana, a fantastic and very moving article. It truly is disgusting that animal testing still takes place in 2016 and is generally perpetrated by the largest companies who could actually make the greatest changes. As you suggest it is time for us to start bringing this ugly practice to the attention of a wider audience and do all we can to bring an end to testing on animals.

    You’re doing a great job!


    1. Hi Jack,
      Thank you so much for your comments, it means a lot! I’m glad you liked the post. I feel like it’s the most important I’ve done so far and is really what this blog is all about.

      Thanks again!


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