Dehydrated Skin Saviours

April was a crazy month for me. I was away from home virtually every weekend of last month visiting friends in Leeds, seeing Brian Fallon live in Bristol and attending the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham. As a result of being so busy and being away from home my skincare took a back seat and as the month progressed my skin started to suffer. I usually have pretty well balanced skin and fortunately dry/dehydrated skin has never been an issue for me. April left my skin feeling terribly dehydrated and uncomfortable. My skin was so thirsty that it drank up everything that I put on it including my foundation which wasn’t pleasant. I tried to drink more water but let’s be honest, none of us drink the amount that we’re supposed to. Two products in particular brought my skin back from the hell that was my face. For those of you that are vegan, these products are safe for you to use as well.

MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil – £20.00 
I introduced this product to my evening skincare routine a couple of months ago and whilst I had been enjoying it, I didn’t feel that I had enough to say about it to warrant a post of it’s own. When my skin started to play up however this really helped me. I’ve seen people online mixing oils in with their base makeup. I know absolutely nothing about where this technique comes from as I haven’t actually read up on it but I decided to give it a go. As I mentioned above my skin was so dehydrated that it was actually drinking up my foundation desperately seeking more moisture. This left my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable which was an absolute nightmare when I was stuck in work and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. Enter the Aphrodite Facial Oil! The first day I added this into my base it stayed in place comfortably throughout the entire day. I cannot even express to you guys how good that felt. Of course adding an oil to your base does sheer it out so if coverage is a concern for you, you will have to compensate for that. If dry or dehydrated skin is an issue for you I highly recommend that you try adding an oil to your base.

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum – £2.69 
I first heard about this serum from Sali Hughes and was immediately interested as she spoke of it very highly. From what I’ve heard this can be a difficult product to get a hold of depending on your local store. By chance I decided to check if my local Superdrug had it in stock when in there picking up some other items and low and behold there were two bottles on the bottom shelf. At under £3 I had no reason not to pick it up! If you have dry or dehydrated skin you must try to get your hands on this! I added it into my skincare routine the evening after purchasing it and woke up with my skin feeling miles better. I have since been using it everyday morning and evening and I can really see why so many people rave about this. It’s incredibly affordable, has a pump dispenser, sits well under makeup and it really is very hydrating. The Aphrodite oil was the first step to getting my skin back on track, this serum gave it the kick up the arse it needed. My skin has been feeling a lot better ever since!

I hope this post was helpful for those of you who struggle with these skin issues.
Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried either of these products.
Also, if you’ve tried adding oil into your base products, I’d love to know!


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