May Favourites

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed – £20.00
I don’t have a lot of practice using bronzer so it’s a product I’m a little wary of using and accidentally going overboard with. This bronzer is easy to use and perfect for fair skin as it has a peachy undertone as opposed to an orange one. This warms up my face nicely and leaves it looked naturally sunkissed. Continue reading “May Favourites”


Animal Testing – The Ugly Side of Beauty

Animal Testing Ugly Side of BeautyI wanted to make this post because I feel that a lot of people who haven’t researched into animal testing and cruelty free products don’t realise just how horrific it actually is. When my blog and the nature of it comes up in conversation in my daily life away from the internet, I notice that some people look at me with an air of confusion that says “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Don’t worry, I’m not going to share any gruesome pictures of animals in labs. I don’t think that it’s necessary for me to do that to get my point across and I think that if you want to see for yourself you have Google at your fingertips to do so. Continue reading “Animal Testing – The Ugly Side of Beauty”

Dehydrated Skin Saviours

April was a crazy month for me. I was away from home virtually every weekend of last month visiting friends in Leeds, seeing Brian Fallon live in Bristol and attending the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham. As a result of being so busy and being away from home my skincare took a back seat and as the month progressed my skin started to suffer. I usually have pretty well balanced skin and fortunately dry/dehydrated skin has never been an issue for me. April left my skin feeling terribly dehydrated and uncomfortable. My skin was so thirsty that it drank up everything that I put on it including my foundation which wasn’t pleasant. Continue reading “Dehydrated Skin Saviours”

You Dirty Scrub Natural Vegan Coffee Body Scrub

You Dirty Scrub are an independent brand based in Scotland, UK. I came across them on Instagram one day and was instantly drawn in by their humorous name. I’ve heard about coffee scrubs like this before. I’m sure many of you will have heard of the ones by Frank Body that seem to be very popular. I’ve never tried this type of scrub before and I absolutely love finding great indie brands to support so when I came across You Dirty Scrub I felt it was the perfect time to try it. Continue reading “You Dirty Scrub Natural Vegan Coffee Body Scrub”