Cruelty Free Brand Updates

cf brand updates
As a cruelty free consumer I am constantly emailing brands to find out about their animal testing status. I decided that it would be more helpful for everyone if I shared the responses I get rather than just adding brands to my cruelty free or avoid list. Below are the responses that I’ve had from brands this week.

OM Skincare
Hi Jordana
Thank you for your interest in OM skincare. Neither our products nor the ingredients were tested on animal.

We have not distributed the products to any territories where animal testing is required.

In addition, our products are suitable for vegan.


Daniel Sandler
Dear Jordana
I have answered your questions below.

Are your products tested on animals either by yourselves or by a third party at any stage in the production process?
Are your ingredients tested on animals by your suppliers?
Do you sell or distribute your products in countries where animal testing is required?

Our stockists and distributors are in the UK and EU so they have to adhere to strict EU regulations.

There is also some information on our FAQ page on the website but if you have any further questions please come back to me.

Kindest regards

Emma Porter
Customer Care


The Organic Pharmacy
Dear Jordana,

Thank you for your email.

As it is stated in our homepage, that we do not support any kinds of testing on animals not we would allow our suppliers to do so.

All of the creams are produced in our Head Office, and they are tested first mechanically and then on ourselves, to ensure that they are safe for our clients.

And when it comes to distributing to countries where animal testing- as far as we know- the only country where it is mandatory, is China. We do not have any distributers in China nor we have any stores there, however we do not prohibit Chinese customers to place web orders from our online store and they are treated the same way our European, American or other international customers would be.

If you would have any further queries, please do not hesitate and contact us.

Kind regards,

Kristine Cirule
Office Manager

I emailed Kristine back as I noticed that there was a makeup line on the website under the name Organic Glam. Kristine clarified that the makeup line comes under the same brand and follows the same principles as the rest of the company.

High Definition Beauty (previously HD Brows)
Hi Jordana,

Hope you’re well?

Thank you for your question on our products, I have attached our Animal Testing Policy for you to review. All High Definition make up, brow products and professional tools are cruelty free sourced, tested and created. There is no testing on Animals as per EU laws. 

If I can be of any further help, please contact me.

High Definition – Animal Testing Policy

Kind regards, 

Sophie Foreman
Online Advisor

Hi Jordana,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Please be assured the SugarBaby range is not tested on animals, as stated on our packaging – Tested on Suntanned Sweeties – not animals.
Are your products tested on animals either by yourselves or by a third party at any stage in the production process? NO
Are your ingredients tested on animals by your suppliers? NO
Do you sell or distribute your products in countries where animal testing is required? NO
Kindest Regards,
The SugarBaby Team


Hi Jordana, 
Thanks so much for reaching out and for the request for transparency!
The answer to all of your questions is NO. We are cruelty free, do not partake or subscribe or champion animal testing at all, and are 100% vegan. I hope this helps your decision in trying SkinOwl. 
Can I help you with any of the products in particular? Always here to help you pick and choose!
Warmest wishes, 


Teralyn from SkinOwl very kindly offered me her advice about their products and recommended the Geranium oil based on my skin and the issues that I have. Out of all the companies that I’ve emailed over several months she is the first person to go that step further and offer her advice so I am very impressed and grateful for that. 

There are some very exciting brands here! I am thrilled that all of these brands are cruelty free. I’m honestly excited by all of them because I want to try new products all the time. I’m particularly excited to try out some Daniel Sandler products and will definitely be picking up some SkinOwl products. The excellent customer service just sealed the deal for me.


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