Eden Perfumes -Vegan and Cruelty Free Fragrance


If you’re a cruelty free consumer like me then you’ve probably already noticed that there’s a gap in the market for fragrance that isn’t tested on animals. The vast majority of perfume companies are tested on animals the likes of Estee Lauder, Givenchy and Chanel to name a few! There aren’t really a great deal of options out there for cruelty free consumers where fragrance is concerned. We may be cruelty free, but we still want to smell good right? Well, today I’m going to share with you a very exciting brand that’ll leave you with a heck of a lot of choice where fragrance is concerned. That brand is Eden Perfumes.

Eden are a small UK company based in Brighton. What makes Eden so interesting is that their fragrances are cruelty free and vegan formulations of those you’d buy at the department store. So, if you’ve found that since going cruelty free you’ve had to give up your favourite Chanel No.5 you’re in luck because Eden have their own formulation that smells just like it! It’s also only £15 for a 30ml bottle. Are you getting excited yet?

I’d been browsing Eden’s catalogue of fragrance for a month or so but placed an order when my fiancé Ty came home saying that he wanted to buy a new bottle of Diesel. I knew I had seen Diesel fragrances on Eden’s site so I told him about the company and we agreed to place an order together. I decided that I wanted to try something new and liked the sound of YSL’s Black Opium so I picked up Eden’s formulation No.30. Ty wanted to try their formulation of Diesel’s Only the Brave so he picked up No.152.

I’ve never used YSL before so I can’t comment on whether mine smells like Black Opium or not but I do enjoy the scent. Ty however, had owned Only the Brave previously and very cheerfully remarked that his bottle did indeed smell like the Diesel aftershave. The Diesel fragrance retails at £38 for 35ml in comparison to the £15 Eden version. No wonder the man is so chipper!


These perfumes are made of natural ingredients and are vegan. On receiving these the first thing that really impressed me was how short the ingredients list is. It’s great to see a product that isn’t filled with chemicals and other nasties that you don’t want to be putting on your skin.

I have one minor complaint with regards to packaging which is that you have to push down  on the nozzle completely for it to spray any product. It’s not possible to lightly press down and spray less product which is something that I like to do when I’m spraying perfume towards the back of my neck near the ears. This is obviously a very minor issue that I doubt would bother most people.

I would say that the scent lasts around 5 hours although after a while it’s not so strong that you can smell it on yourself without actually trying to smell it on yourself if that makes sense. At £15 a bottle though this really doesn’t bother me. The price point means that I’m comfortable reapplying this frequently if necessary. I’m also thrilled that I can use it as my everyday fragrance which is something I never did with those pricey perfumes I bought before going cruelty free. Fat chance I’m going to be using a £60 Givenchy perfume at work regardless of how nice I want to smell.

I’m already making a note of the other perfumes that I want to buy from Eden so evidently I really like this brand. On my list are some Tom Ford formulations and their formulation of Guerlain’s Insolence which is one of my favourite perfumes.


Will you guys be trying Eden perfumes?
Also, what cruelty free fragrances do you like?


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4 thoughts on “Eden Perfumes -Vegan and Cruelty Free Fragrance

  1. Great article! I love them too! Even my non Vegan friends want their perfumes! I would add that if you are having issues with the spray you can get them to refill your old bottles from before, so if you have a pretty bottle or a vintage one or I guess even if you want it to look like the real thing then you can get a quote, basically I think they have covered everything.. I know I can’t wait to buy some different scents xxx


    1. Thanks Louise! If I’m ever in Brighton I’ll pop into their store and take advantage of that for sure. I think that if you go into their store they will custom make a perfume for you too which is awesome!

      Jordana xx


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