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Me and the Ultrabland got off to a pretty shakey start and it looked like we weren’t going to get on very well. After two days of using this cleanser my skin that had been so well behaved and balanced recently was now breaking out. Nightmare. I don’t blame the Ultrabland though, it was just a case of me getting to know the product. I had heard other reviewers say that this left a residue on the face but as I didn’t notice anything like that I thought I had successfully removed it all. Obviously, I hadn’t as when I would go in for a second cleanse with a micellar water there was quite a lot of product still left behind. Now that I have gotten used to the Ultrabland my skin is clearing up and we’re getting on a lot better.

How to use:
Apply to dry skin and remove with a wash cloth under warm water. Make sure you go over your face with your cloth a few times. You won’t remove all of the product with the first wipe over and you’ll end up breaking out like I did.


I bought this product to replace my now empty Pixi Nourishing Balm. I was after a product that like the Pixi balm would be the first step in my cleansing routine, remove my makeup effectively and not strip my skin in the process. Based on that, it didn’t really work out. This isn’t the best product for makeup removal and I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose. Despite this being a very gentle product and not irritating on the eyes in the slightest I stopped using this to remove my mascara as it just wasn’t effective enough at breaking down the product. If I’d have kept at it I would’ve ended up with no eyelashes from all of that rubbing. I personally think that this product is best used either as a morning cleanser or a second cleanse in your night routine. My favourite way to use this is as a morning cleanser when I don’t have to worry about removing a lot of product from my face. I feel that the nourishing ingredients in this really sets my skin up for the day and gives it that much needed boost of hydration before I begin with my makeup routine.

I’d also like to comment on the scent of this. Before choosing to buy this I looked up a lot of reviews and everyone said that like the name ‘Ultrabland’ this only had a mild scent. I completely disagree. When I first used this I was horrified by the smell and it put me off using this quite a bit. As with anything, once you use it again and again you notice the scent less and it’s not something that really bothers me so much now. I’m not 100% what the smell is so if anyone has an idea please let me know. I’m guessing it’s the mix of honey and rose that I can smell.

That said, it’s not a bad product. It’s actually a really lovely cleanser when used the right way. My skin hasn’t had any dryness since I started using this and it feels so plumped, soft and nourished after I’ve applied. I would recommend it and I’d probably even purchase it again in the future. Cleansing balms don’t come at a cheap price and I think £11.95 for the 100g tub is a great price for such a product.


Have you guys used the Ultrabland? What were your thoughts on it?
If not, do you think you’ll give it a try?


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5 thoughts on “Lush Ultrabland

    1. Hi Nadia!
      Thank you for the kind words! That’s awesome that you’re going cruelty free. I hope my blog can help you on your transition 🙂
      Have you ever used a balm/oil based cleanser before? It might seem a bit frightening putting an oil based product on your face when you already have oily skin but you don’t have to worry, it won’t make your skin any oilier! I think the Ultrabland is a great cleanser for all skin types and you could definitely use it with your skin type. I haven’t tried any of the other cleansers by Lush yet so I can’t speak from personal experience. I hear good things about their 9 to 5 cleanser! What ever you decide to go with avoid products with “foaming” in the name as they tend to be too drying on the skin which will actually make your skin produce more oil to try to balance it out.

      Jordana xx


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