February Favourites



Real Techniques Contour Brush from the Core Collection –  £21.99 for the set
Despite it’s name and original purpose I’ve actually been using this brush to blend out my concealer and it’s for this purpose that I’m currently loving it. This brush is so soft and particularly blends my undereye concealer flawlessly. My makeup application has really improved since using this brush. I love the entire Core Collection set that this came in and would highly recommend it to anyone needing some new makeup brushes.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – £17.50
On the subject of concealer, this is the one that I’ve been loving most recently. This concealer provides excellent coverage but is also very lightweight. This works great on both blemishes and the undereye area so if you’re like me and you don’t want to fork out the cash for two different concealers you might want to give this a try.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette – £12.99
This is a very new launch by Real Techniques and so far I’ve only seen this on the Superdrug website so I’m not sure if this product is currently exclusive to them but these are selling like hot cakes! I picked one up as soon as I had the email to say it was back in stock and when I checked the next day they were already sold out again. Using this I was able to clean my makeup brushes in probably half the time it used to take me. It gave them a very deep clean and left them looking brand spanking new again. I would highly, highly recommend this product. It’s fantastic. I think it’ll take the dread out of cleaning my makeup brushes now as it allows me to get through it so quickly and thoroughly. Seriously, fantastic.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – £17.50
Two coats of this and I’m good to go. This mascara is super black, gives great length and volume. My favourite thing about it is that it does not smudge on me at all. Urban Decay also have a travel size of this mascara available. If you’re interested in trying this out but don’t want to spend that much on a mascara you don’t know if you’ll like I would recommend getting the smaller size.

Lunatick High Definition Microfinish Pressed Powder – £13.50
It’s hard to choose my absolute favourite out of all of my beauty favourites but I think this has to be the winner of the lot. This powder has honestly changed my makeup routine for the better. That’s a bit of an understatement actually. Frequent touch ups have become a thing of a past thanks to this little gem. I can genuinely go the entire working day without having to fix or touch up my makeup. I’ve actually stopped carrying concealer in my bag since using this as I just don’t need it. It’s amazing! As someone who wishes it could be Halloween everyday, the packaging really appeals to my inner Wednesday Addams.

Pixi Glow Tonic – £18
I’ve used this product for a few months so it feels strange to only now be writing about it as if it’s a new favourite but obviously I didn’t have the blog back then to talk about it. I love the Glow Tonic so much that I just had to feature it now. This product is so hyped that I was dubious at first as to just how effective it would actually be. Believe the hype. No joke, this toner has improved my skins overall appearance so much. I saw results within days of first using this and others even commented that my skin was looking better. My skin is brighter, clearer and has a healthy glow all thanks to the glow tonic. Now that I have it, I don’t think I could live without it. I use this most days sometimes once a day or sometimes day and night depending on how my skin is looking. It does not irritate my skin at all. If you’re a little worried as to how your skin will react as it is a glycolic acid toner I would suggest using it just a couple of times a week once a day to see how your skin gets on with it and go from there.

Claudia Knock Out Lip Balm – £5
This may seem like a bit of a boring pick but I had to include it because it totally saved my lips this past month. The harsh winds had taken their toll on my lips and they were so dry it was uncomfortable and irritating. Within a day or two of using this balm my lips were saved. I’ve also noticed that my lipsticks last longer when I have this on underneath! If you need a new lip balm I’d really recommend you try this.


Brian Fallon – Painkillers
I’ve been a fan of Brian Fallon for a few years now. I first got into The Gaslight Anthem when I first met my fiancé. We got into the band together playing their albums whenever we’d hang out. After Gaslight signed with a major label they really went downhill for me which was majorly disappointing given how much sentimental meaning they hold for me. The band have called it quits for now, possibly forever and Brian has now made a solo album. I’ve always thought that Brian is an amazing musician and one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard. Of all the tracks he’s released there’s only been one that I’ve not been so keen on. Aside from that I’ve really loved everything I’ve heard. I’d highly recommend anyone and everyone to give him a listen. I personally think that Brian’s music does not target a specific demographic and can appeal to people of all ages and walks of life. If you like what you hear check out The Horrible Crowes and Molly and the Zombies, two of Brian’s other amazing projects.

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
‘Amy’ the documentary was aired on TV in the UK last month and I was completely taken aback by Amy’s talent. At the time when Amy Winehouse was around and getting lots of radio play I was only about 16/17 and never got into her music or really knew anything about her. I was a bit young for her stuff back then I think. Anyway, after watching this documentary I started to listen to Back to Black on Spotify. I can’t believe I totally missed out on this for so many years. Why the most played song on the radio was Rehab and not anything else on that album is beyond me. There are only two tracks on the album that I’m not that keen on but aside from that it is golden. This is one album that I must buy on vinyl.



The White Company – Seychelles Scent Diffuser £25
Oh man, the scent of this is so freaking gorgeous. This is my first purchase from The White Company and I seriously want a different diffuser in every room of the house. Is that a bit excessive? I don’t care. They smell amazing. I’ve had diffusers from shops like Next in the past that I honestly couldn’t even smell. I can smell this not just when I first enter the room but the entire time I’m sitting in it. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. You need a White Company diffuser in your home. That is all, go and get one.

Marshall Acton Active Stereo Bluetooth Speaker – £132 RRP £149
Without a doubt the best money I’ve ever spent. She is a thing of beauty with her cream finish and gold detailing. I love that I can literally play music from any device straight to the speaker through bluetooth or a wire if I’d rather. I have been listening to so much music since I bought this speaker because the sound quality is just so fantastic I want to hear everything as if I’m hearing it for the first time. One of the first things I listened to through this was the Drive soundtrack and it just about knocked my socks off.


What have you guys been loving recently?


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    1. There’s definitely not enough of them out there. I’m usually rushed enough in the mornings I don’t have time to be faffing about with two different concealers! Thanks for reading and commenting Jasmine. I love your blog ❤


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