Cruelty Free Essentials


A few months ago I made the decision to go cruelty free with all of my products. It seemed an intimidating task at first and I spent a lot of my spare time doing nothing but research. Once you dive in, it’s not so scary.

One thing I initially struggled with was replacing the essentials. There’s an abundance of choice out there if you’re looking for cruelty free makeup and skincare. However, where the essentials are concerned I feel theres a void.

When I use the term essentials I’m referring to toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shaving gels etc. I started researching and whilst there are some options out there available at stores like Holland and Barrett, they can be pricey. I don’t know whether this would seem unreasonable to you guys but paying a fiver for a deodorant just makes me mad and I don’t want to do it. Going cruelty free shouldn’t mean being forced to pay more on basic personal hygiene just because you don’t want to brush your teeth with a product that’s been tested on some poor innocent animal.

It’s for that reason I thank the God’s for Superdrug. All of Superdrug’s own brand products are cruelty free, certified by the leaping bunny and very affordable. They have a wide variety of products stocking everything and anything you could possibly need. Honestly, I feel like Superdrug have really saved my ass here and I’d be completely stuck without them. I love the fact that I can just walk in to one of their stores and confidently pick up the things that I need with the knowledge that these products have not been tested on animals. After all, isn’t that all that you want when shopping cruelty free? To feel confident in the brands that you are giving your hard earned money to? Below are a few of the products that I have used by them so far and my thoughts. Despite the fact that all of the products mentioned are from Superdrug this post is not sponsored by them. I just genuinely think they are great for cruelty free options.


Cotton Fresh 48hr Anti-Perspirant Deodorant -£1.29
I was really struggling with what I consider to be a pricey £5 natural cruelty free deodorant so I was so glad when I came across this in the store and saw that it promised 48 hour protection. This is a great deodorant that keeps me fresh all day which is all that I wanted. Also more in the price range of what I like to pay for such a product.

Vitamin E Micellar Water – £2.99
This is the first cruelty free micellar water that I’ve tried and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I use this in the morning at the very start of my skincare routine and at night as a second cleanse just to get the last remainders of makeup off my face. It removes makeup effectively and doesn’t irritate my skin. This is a definite favourite for me and I’m sure I’ll be repurchasing in the future.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate Antiseptic Mouthwash – £2.99
This is a medicated mouthwash for the treatment and prevention of gum problems. In the last year or so my wisdom teeth have really started to give me grief and have become infected a couple of times. This happened to me once towards the end of last year after I had chosen to go cruelty free. There is major lacking in cruelty free brands in the dental department and I really started to worry about whether I’d be able to find products to help keep the gum around my wisdom teeth clean. I came across this mouthwash in Superdrug and it has been a great replacement for the Colgate Peroxyl mouthwash I previously used for mouth irritations. I would not recommend using this as an everyday mouthwash as it is a treatment. I use this as a preventative measure every so often just to ensure my mouth is as clean as possible or when irritations occur for as long as I need to.

Pro Care 6 in 1 Mouthwash – £2.49
An everyday mouthwash here. There are a few variations in this pro care mouthwash range depending on what you’re after. I chose this one as I’m not bothered about a mouthwash that whitens teeth. I want something that’s going to keep everything clean. This one is labelled as ‘extra strength’ and it really did give my mouth a thorough clean. It left my breath fresh and my teeth feeling spotless.

Pro Care Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste – £1.99
This stuff is often sold out at my local Superdrug. I’m guessing because it’s most often on offer for 98p. Cheap and cheerful. There’s not a lot to say about this. It does the job it’s supposed to in terms of cleaning teeth. In terms of the whitening claim I did start to notice after using this for a while that my teeth did look whiter but not by a lot so don’t expect it to work miracles.

What are your favourite cruelty free essentials?


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