February Favourites



Real Techniques Contour Brush from the Core Collection –  £21.99 for the set
Despite it’s name and original purpose I’ve actually been using this brush to blend out my concealer and it’s for this purpose that I’m currently loving it. This brush is so soft and particularly blends my undereye concealer flawlessly. My makeup application has really improved since using this brush. I love the entire Core Collection set that this came in and would highly recommend it to anyone needing some new makeup brushes. Continue reading “February Favourites”


Cruelty Free Essentials


A few months ago I made the decision to go cruelty free with all of my products. It seemed an intimidating task at first and I spent a lot of my spare time doing nothing but research. Once you dive in, it’s not so scary.

One thing I initially struggled with was replacing the essentials. There’s an abundance of choice out there if you’re looking for cruelty free makeup and skincare. However, where the essentials are concerned I feel theres a void. Continue reading “Cruelty Free Essentials”

Mothers Day Gift Guide

gift guide

With Mother’s Day not too far away now (March 6th if you didn’t know!) I thought I’d make a little gift guide for you guys. Rather than try to guess what I think people would like to receive, I have gone with products to suit my own mothers taste as I felt that would be more helpful. Every Mother’s Day I get gifts for my nan as well as my mum. I’m very close with my nan so I could never leave her out. She deserves a treat too! Here are the items that I have picked. Maybe you’ll see something you think your loved one will enjoy too! Continue reading “Mothers Day Gift Guide”

Brand Spotlight – Black Moon Cosmetics


Today we are going to be focusing on the independent brand Black Moon Cosmetics.
Black Moon are a US based cruelty free and vegan company that launched in September 2015 during the Harvest Moon no less. A company still in it’s infancy there are currently four liquid lipsticks available at Black Moon though they do have four more coming out very soon on February 21st. Keep your eyes peeled for those. Let’s discuss! Continue reading “Brand Spotlight – Black Moon Cosmetics”

New to my Beauty Stash


Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – £17.50
I’ve noticed this doesn’t apply to it’s full potential when using my fingers so I may have to invest in some new brushes.
At the moment I’m using the contour brush from Real Techniques’ Core Collection. When blended with a brush I get the full coverage I really want. This concealer leaves my skin looking flawless and despite it being lightweight it covers my blemishes completely. Continue reading “New to my Beauty Stash”

5 Brands You Thought Were Cruelty Free

brands you thought were cruelty free

One of the biggest struggles consumers face when going cruelty free is getting to the truth of a company’s cruelty free status. Companies can be very sneaky with the statements that they issue on their websites and on their product packaging. They word their statements carefully to mislead consumers into believing that they are cruelty free.  You would think this would be illegal right? Sadly, no. Continue reading “5 Brands You Thought Were Cruelty Free”